Upon returning from Tribal Council on this week’s Survivor, Tony has a crankypants tantrum. “Why’d you try to vote me out? Tell me why. Why me? [Knocks over torches….]” Everyone pretty much just wants to go to sleep, so they humor him for a while before the eyerolling gets too much and the Survivors drop off to sleep, dreaming of sandwiches, soap, and that sweet, sweet million bucks.

Their dreams come true when the prize for the Reward Challenge is a spa day. The challenge involves tossing ropes to release cabbage-like sandbags which are then hurled through long net tunnels, and launched into a basket by way of a trampoline. Jeremiah, Tony, and Spencer have a healthy lead over the other two teams. They win before anyone even feels that tiny glimmer of hope. So it’s a bro bonding spa day.


Spencer and Jeremiah try to work Tony a little bit, but it’s like trying to negotiate with a four-year-old who only wants to trade his non-chocolate Halloween candy. Spencer reminds the camera that he has an Immunity Idol and is not afraid to use it, which is so original. Is that an Immunity Idol in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Tasha does the math and figures out that her three-person alliance stands no chance against the other six-person alliance. She tries to talk to LJ, but LJ is afraid of incurring Tony’s wrath. So Tasha takes a lonely walk down to the water and ponders her dwindling options.

The Immunity Challenge is a memory test. Boooooring. But oh, wait! Isn’t this season Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty? Let’s see how those brains are holding up. Trish is the first person out, followed by Woo. After several rounds of correct answers, everyone is out except LJ, Tasha, and Tony. So…one brain left. On the next round, LJ and Tony are out and Tasha wins Individual Immunity. Brains FTW!


Back at camp, Tony goes rogue and fabricates this story about LJ wanting to vote out Woo. He sees this as his opportunity to get rid of LJ who is a big threat, and he rounds up votes from Woo, Spencer, Jeremiah, and possibly Tasha. But when he spins his tale to Trisha, she’s not feeling it and neither is Kass.

Jeff asks his probing questions, yammer yammer yammer, Tony tells everyone he’s in construction when he’s such a cop that his name might as well be Sergeant Coppity Copper. Time to vote. Anyone want to play an Immunity Idol? No? Okay. The votes are: LJ, LJ, LJ, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Spencer, LJ, and LJ is voted out of the tribe. Huh. Not sure if that accomplished much of anything, it’s a little early to flippity flop without pushback.

Next week, Ton turns into a psycho eavesdropper and Woo falls out of a tree.

photos via cbs

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