On the penultimate Survivor, Spencer is baffled. He has no idea why anyone would lie about a vote, or why anyone would align with Tony. Everyone else is confused as to how Spencer is still in the game.

Woo dives right into Team Tony and coughs up information about a deal that Kass offered—you, me, and Spencer. Tony thanks Woo for bringing him this intel and promptly plans on voting Woo out of the game. These people are so discombobulated.

The Reward Challenge is one of those roll-around-in-mud-and-scrape-it-into-a-bucket challenge. They’re playing for pizza delivery which seems kind of weak for a reward. Slop, glop, scrape, slosh, and this looks like the only Survivor challenge I’d ever have a shot at winning thanks to long flowing hair and abundant cleavage. So who’s the winner? Tony. He’s the Mud King. He chooses “anorexia” to join him for pizza, which means Trish finally gets a meal in her shrinking body.


Tony and Trish plan on keeping Kass around because everybody hates Kass so she’s guaranteed to get precisely zero votes from the jury. Then, Tony and Kass plan to go all out at the Immunity Challenge so that they can get rid of Spencer. Oh, and Tony lets Kass know that Woo told Tony that he and Kass were conspiring against Tony, which is a weird and pointless thing to say to Kass because that stirs a giant pot on crazy. When Kass tells Woo that Tony told Kass that Woo and Kass planned to get rid of Tony, Tony gets mad at Kass for telling Woo that Tony told Kass that Woo told Tony that Woo and Kass planned to get of Tony. Sigh. Kass is just looking to agitate Tony, and it may have worked like a bowl of Lucky Charms.

The Immunity Challenge requires untangling rope building a ladder out of planks, and solve a sliding puzzle. I’ll spare everyone the details. Tony has a huge lead and totally blows it on the puzzle, allowing Spencer to win Immunity in an incredible comeback.

With an Immunity Necklace around Spencer’s neck and Tony hoarding Idols like single ladies hoard cats, the remaining players start turning on each other. The first person to go bonkers is Trish who is pissed at Kass for calling her a goat. It’s quite a show, and Tony and Woo take Trish on a walk down the beach to calm her down. That leaves Spencer and Kass alone at camp to plot against Woo. Upon their return, Spencer and Kass talk to Woo and propose getting rid of Trish. Woo is incredibly indecisive, so anything is possible.


Tribal Council is a little looney, with Trish and Tony going bonkers and Kass just sitting there, enjoying the mess she created. Right before the vote, Tony busts out his regular Immunity Idol, and his Special Super Deluxe Immunity Idol. Just in case anyone was thinking about voting for him tonight. He plays his regular old boring Immunity Idol before Jeff reads the votes. Trish, Kass, Trish, Trish. Ooh! Nice! Smart move, Woo. And as Trish is walking away in defeat, her bones clankity-clanking together, Kass tosses her a one gun salute. Aww. That’s not nice. It’s funny, but it’s not nice.

On the 2-hour season finale, Tony cries, Woo gets serious, and Kass is all sorts of Kassy.

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