With Jefra failing to make a big move and turn on Tony, she sealed her fate as Person Who Did Not Win Survivor. It also puts Tasha and Spencer in a tough spot since their alliance is now down to two sitting ducks.

Because the contestants are a little bit hungry, it’s time for a Survivor Auction.  Everyone plans to save their money to bid on an advantage in the game, but who knows what will happen when they are faced with a burger and fries. First up is popcorn, gummy candy, and soda which has precisely zero nutritional value. Trish buys it for $80. Jefra purchases a mystery plate for a hundred bucks, and it’s salsa, guacamole, pita bread, and a margarita. Next is another mystery item, and Kass takes the bait for $20. It’s a steak sandwich and iced tea. That’s a good deal. Woo and Trish bid against each other on yet another mystery item that Trish buys for sixty dollars. It’s rice and water. Next are ribs and beer. Woo buys it for $40 and has a party in his mouth, to a generic Barry White-ish soundtrack.


Jeff notices that Spencer, Tasha, and Tony aren’t bidding on anything. He says that if the bidding reaches the maximum of $500, everyone can get in on the bidding. If there are more than one person, they will draw rocks for who gets the advantage. Spencer and Tony both bid $500, but Tasha sits this one out, likely waiting to be the only one left with $500 for the next advantage. Tony wins the advantage, and Spencer gets nothing. And with that, the auction is over.

So what’s the advantage? A clue to yet another Hidden Immunity Idol. And it’s a very specific clue, which means that even an idiot such as Tony should be able to find it.  While Tony searches the beach and the woods, the ladies float in the water. Tasha is planting the seeds of an all-female alliance. This makes Tony nervous, so Spencer whispers sweet nothings in Tony’s ear. It works, sort of, and Tony walks away marginally more paranoid. But he walks away to look for the Idol again, and he finds it under a tree. Rather than keep it a secret, he wears it around his neck and tells his alliance that it’s for whomever needs it in the game. That’s a total lie, but whatever.

It’s another Immunity Challenge with digging and a ball-on-puzzle-maze game. Tasha is out to an early lead as she totally rocks on the puzzle maze, but Tony and Woo are catching up. It’s not enough, and Tasha wins Immunity for the third time in a row.


Tony hatches a plan to get rid of Jefra instead of Spencer so that there will be an even number of men and women. But these plans have a way of turning to crap, so we’ll see.

There’s a lot of back-and-forth yammering at Tribal Council, with Spencer warning about not making big moves in the game and Jefra whining about LJ being voted off a million years ago. The votes are Spencer, Jefra, Spencer, Jefra, Spencer, Jefra, and that’s when people get all Scooby Doo confused. With one final vote, Jefra is out of the tribe.

Next week, everyone is sick of Tony. Sheesh! What took them so long?

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