This week Brew Dogs hits Delaware. When I think of Delaware, I think of Joe Biden and limited liability corporations. But James and Martin think of Dogfish Head Brewery, known for their dry hop IPAs. The brewery has a metal tree house in the backyard, so I already like this place more than most breweries.

I can’t figure out what this has to do with anything, but James and Martin decide to make the fastest beer ever made. We learn that it’s all about yeast, which ferments faster in warmer temperatures. There’s a NASCAR racetrack nearby, the Dover International Speedway, which is totally convenient for beer brewing. And, bees are deemed to be one of the fastest insects, so honey will be incorporated into the beer. Go for it, boys.

brew dogs delaware

Oh hi, historical reenactment that somehow has anything to do with beer brewing. “To America!” The boys bust the myth that new beers taste better. Turns out the aged beers are smoother with a more complex flavor. So…dusty beer is better? The Continental Army suits up to fight the Redcoats, and did James and Martin just enlist in the military? I think they’re just doing it for the cool hats. Uh, those are real guns. Guns and beer do not mix, unless you live in one of those states that allows open carry in bars.

It’s time for our first listicle! The top five craft breweries (apart from Dogfish Head, of course):

5. 3rd Wave Brewing Co.

4. Argilla Brewing Co.

3. Mispillion River Brewery

2. Fordham & Dominion Brewing Co.

1. Twin Lakes Brewing Co.

Beekeepers! House bees, worker bees, guard bees, nurse bees, house bees, drones, queen bees, I love these industrious little critters. James and Martin put on those funky outfits that look like a cross between a fencer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and collect honey. It is then sliced and put into a giant metal extractor where it is spun and poured like…honey!

Next is caramel popcorn which I guess is either added to, or eaten with, beer. Then, it’s off to Dover Speedway. There’s a truck with brewing equipment strapped to the back, and everyone is relying heavily on centripetal force sticking very closely to the laws of gravity.

The top five craft beer bars in Delaware are:

5. Arena’s Deli & Bar

4. Cantwell’s Tavern

3. Two Stones Pub

2. Henlopen City Oyster House

1. Pickled Pig Pub

I really don’t know about this truck brewing speed racetrack thing. It just looks…unstable. Hahaha, the boys have to make a pit stop to add the mash, which requires an entire pit crew. The process only took fifteen seconds, which sounds pretty fast.

After driving around the track a few times, the crew tests the beer in the fastest beer tasting ever. Then, the wort must be transferred into the boiler kettle. I have no idea what that means. Finally, the spices go into the boiling mixture, including local honey. At 72mph, James and Martin break the speed record for brewing beer.

In less than ten days, James and Martin brewed a delicious beer using local Delaware honey, and the help of local Delaware locals. The beer is deemed to taste clean and crisp, with honey, anise and a lack of maturity.

Next week, James and Martin cowboy up in Colorado.


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