The seventh leg of The Amazing Race begins in Sri Lanka with the Cousins departing at 2:41 p.m. for the “eternal city,” which they must figure out is Rome, Italy. The Cowboys depart one minute later and already know where they are going. Everyone else is within an hour, and Rachel wipes out running to the travel agency that is sort of delightful to watch.

Everyone’s on the same flight, so boring. At the appointed bridge, the teams must choose between Gladiator or Charioteer. The Gladiator challenge involves actual swords, whereas the Charioteer challenge uses remote controlled chariots. So clearly Gladiator is the better challenge. My Family Is Famous has a Speed Bump that requires them to pick up a typewriter from the Pantheon and bring it to another. Why are these Speed Bumps always so easy?


I can’t tell you how disappointed everyone is to learn that the chariots are tiny remote controlled toys. They must race them around the track five times before the fire goes out. But first, all teams must be dressed in seriously elaborate ancient Roman outfits.

John and Jessica are not doing well at the Gladiator task. Well, Jessica is doing great, but John keeps using his shield when he should be using his sword. It looks like all of the other teams went for the Chariot challenge, and that’s a lot of remote control chariots on the track which makes the challenge even harder. So the Cousins switched tasks. This annoys Brendon and Rachel because they were the first team there so they should have full use of the track? I don’t know. It’s impossible to follow Rachel’s “logic.”

Oh no! When My Family Is Famous finish their Speed Bump, they choose Chariot. Back at Gladiator, John finally stops screwing up and they receive their next clue which sends them to the Piazza di Spagna. Brendan and Rachel also finish their task and are off to the Piazza. The Cowboys and the Howells are close behind. Once they leave, the Globetrotters have enough room on the course to finish, leaving My Family Is Famous at the task by themselves.

Double oh noes! John and Jessica’s taxi driver take them to the wrong place! And the Cousins aren’t doing so good at being Gladiators. But for everyone else, it’s all about the Spanish Steps. The Roadblock requires them to count the number of steps and something something something Roman numerals and postcards. Rachel declares Brendon a mathlete genius wizard, so it should be fun watching him struggle.

John and Jessica ditch tier taxi and go in search of a hotel? I’m not sure there’s time for a nap, but okay. They use the Internet to figure out what everyone else already knew. Well, maybe Brendon is good with numbers because he finished the Roadblock first and received a clue to go to the Piazza del Popolo. They check in as Team Number One.


Triple oh noes! The Cowboys also went to the wrong place! Quadruple oh noes! So did the Globetrotters!

My Family Is Famous and the Howells are off to the Pit Stop just as the remaining teams arrive at the Spanish Steps. The Cowboys get it right and bolt for the Pit Stop and check in as Team Number Four. They still have the Express Pass that they will need to use in the next leg of the race.

The Globetrotters start the Roadblock, and Jessica and John and the Cousins are still behind them. Flight Time keeps getting it wrong, and I’m thinking he’s missing part of the clue. The Cousins get it right and for some strange reason give the answer to Flight Time and John. I guess they were all thinking My Family Is Famous hadn’t gotten to the Roadblock yet. But in reality, now all three teams were racing to stay in the game. The Cousins reach the mat, and it’s a footrace between the Globetrotters and Jessica and John. The Cousins are Team Number Five, the Globetrotters are Team Number Six, and Jessica and John are eliminated from the race. Awkward? Awkward.

Next week, there’s the dreaded Double U-Turn and people start to play a little dirty.

photos via CBS

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