The Howells depart at 3 a.m. and head off in a tuk-tuk for the Dutch Museum. Yay, colonialism! Since the museum does not open until 8:30 a.m., everyone catches up. Booooring.

The clue sends all teams on the same train ride to Alawwa, Sri Lanka where they find a Roadblock. Teams must search a long string of tuk-tuks for the four with the same color badge as on their ticket, fill up the tanks with gas, and return it to the station manager. Rachel doesn’t read the clue properly and because she has a green ticket, she fills up all green cars. The chaos is getting the tuk-tuks through the crowded streets and getting a spot at one of the two gas pumps. Mr. Howell was like a maniac, pushing the tuk-tuks and bodyslamming his competitors. Cord was smart about it and drove around everybody else to the other side, cutting the line. There’s a lot of “green, go!” from Rachel, and when she finishes four green tuk-tuks, she can’t figure out what she’s doing wrong.  Uh, everything? John stupidly tells her and she jumps into action.

Big Easy’s height and strengths propels him to first place, and they receive a clue to travel by train to Rambukkana, take a tuk-tuk to an elephant reserve, and search for their next clue. The Cousins and John and Jessica finish next and learn that the train leaves in twelve minutes. That’s enough time for all teams to make the train, even Brendon and Rachel. Booooring!


Elephants! So many elephants! Detour! Trunk lets teams work with the elephants by attaching a specially designed chain that the elephants use to transport logs. When they have transported six logs, they will receive their next clue. In Sheets, they will make five sheets of paper out of elephant dung. Flight Time just dove into that pile of dung. Even My Family Is Famous got dirty with the dung. Over in Trunks, elephants were hauling giant logs like they were toothpicks. Oh wow, they’d even lift the entire tree into the truck and push it in with their giant elephant feet. Nifty creatures.

The three teams at the paper making task are learning how hard it is to make paper. All of their sheets are bubbling, and it’s exhausting hauling the pulp around. The Globetrotters quickly realize that they were missing a crucial step and bang out their sheets of paper.


The Cowboys finish the Detour first and are off to find a wise man, who may or may not be Phil. I’m guessing this is not the pit stop. The rest of the teams at the Trunk task finish before the papermakers finish their task, but the Globetrotters are still in the running.

The clue sends teams to the pit stop at a hotel on a beach. In a vicious battle to the mat, the Cowboys get outrun by the Cousins and arrive as Team Number One by about two seconds. Jessica and John are third, with the Howells trailing right behind in fourth place.

Uh oh, the Globetrotters’ taxi takes a wrong turn and Brendon and Rachel check in as Team Number Five. They recover and check in sixth, leaving My Family Is Famous as the last team to arrive. Say it, Phil. Dammit! It’s a non-elimination leg.

Next week, it’s a multi-team sprint to the finish.

photos via CBS 


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