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Baywood Sunglasses swept the east coast this summer as the hottest new beach and boat life trend straight out of one of the sailing capitols of the world, Newport, Rhode Island. Baywoods are uniquely handcrafted out of wood and bamboo, meaning they float, which solves the age old issue of adventure travelers losing their shades to the sea. Their smooth finish plus the stainless steel spring loaded hinges make for an easy and comfortable all day fit, and all models have polarized UV400 protection. You can choose between Amarillo, Hazelwood or Shadow, whichever shade best suits your style, or, you know, just get all three. And the best part…? 

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For all of you! Lucky for you, Baywood digs our travel spirit and shares our love for fun and frolicking in the sun, sand and sea so they thought it’d be nice to offer you a special deal. Travel freaks can get 20% off on orders at [email protected] by including the code “Tfreak”. Once you use your discount and realize these are your new favorite sunglasses, feel free to let Baywood see how you rock them and shoot over a selfie on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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  • Boss boat life style like what
  • Polarized UV400 protection to keep your pretty eyes safe
  • Made with sustainable bamboo & fine hardwoods like rosewood… v fine…
  • Stainless steel spring loaded hinges make for a comfy fit on your cute little face
  • Discounts hey
  • They float, so perfect for everything from a cruise vaca, to a casual sail on your yacht, to when your turdfaced little brother pushes you in the pond in the backyard


  • Quality = pricey…. oh but wait you have a discount look at you
  • You’ll start to believe you’re a walking ad for a yachting magazine and start casually making nautical themed poses towards strangers who walk by you
  • Your turdfaced little brother will feel more free to push you in the pond since he knows he won’t have to buy you new shades after
  • Your endless longing for summer’s sweet return will probably intensify


If you’re the type of traveler who’s shades are always falling off your face mid adventure then these are a good choice. They float so you won’t lose them, they’re bamboo and wood so they last long, and you’ll no longer have to decide between choice fashion and being crazy active while you travel. Plus they’re like good for your face. All wins here.

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Will you rock some rad Baywood Sunglasses on your next boat trip?



Photos & Logo via Baywood

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