Food is better when it comes from a truck. This is just a fact.


Tomorrow, May 7th, New Yorkers are going to have the opportunity to board the Intrepid and enjoy food from over 20 of NYC’s food trucks. Yep, that’s right, the third annual Village Voice Choice Streets is back and we cannot be more excited. Can you hear our stomachs growling?

From ice cream sandwiches to hibachi to Philly cheesesteaks to Australian pies and more, 1,300 lucky ticket holders will receive a tasting passport which allows them to try samples from the trucks. Attendees must be 21 years or older, but that just means one thing: booze. There is also entertainment in the form of a DJ. Andy Rourke to be exact. Does that name sound familiar? That’s probably because Andy Rourke was the bass player for a little band called The Smiths. You know, only one of the most influential bands of all time.  We would probably go for that entertainment alone, but the fact that there is food truck food, complimentary beverages and full access to the Intrepid, make this an event that no one should miss out on.


Want to go to Choice Streets? There are still tickets available so get some friends together and hang out on pier 86 for some food and fun. There are three tiers of ticket prices, so everyone can tag along.

You know food tastes better from a truck. It’s just a fact.

Are you attending The Village Voice Choice Streets?

photos via Village Voice


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