One of the best ways to get to know a city is through the music that was written about the city, in the city, or by people from the city. With “Wish You Were Here Wednesday” we take you on a tour of a city through a quick letter and a postcard in the form of a playlist. We want you to feel like you just opened a letter from a wayward friend. So take a look, take a listen and take a tour. 

Postcard Playlist Los Angeles

They call it the city of angels. “They” being everyone from poets to musicians to screenwriters. As iconic as New York, all the way across the country, Los Angeles sits in sunny southern California. A golden land of opportunity. A single word sits high atop the hills over looking the city. A word that can be read from far away. “Hollywood.”

People come to Los Angeles, to Hollywood to “make it.” What ever that may mean. When eating in a restaurant in L.A. you may recognize the back of your waiter’s head from that crowded bar scene in that sitcom you watch. You know, in that one episode. You could be sitting in a Starbucks with a well established celebrity. You could be ordering fries, animal style, from the next big thing.

The city thrives on this energy. This persona. Everything is a persona. Names litter the sidewalks, forever immortalized in red pieces of pavement. People dress up as iconic figures, enticing you to take a silly picture, hoping for a tip. When you are in Los Angeles, you feel like you can do anything, because that is the whole point of the city. Only a handful of people actually “make it” though, whatever that may mean. Sometimes the feeling is all you need.

Los Angeles is sprawling. Not just the city center itself but the surrounding areas as well. The city sprawl may not be much to look at, but drive outside just a little bit and there is some beautiful scenery. Glittering blue ocean that doesn’t have that same cold, grey, tint that the Atlantic ocean has. When you see the city from the top of the hill, you get a better feeling of why so many people flock there, and why so many people choose to stay. It’s not for everyone, but no city is.

It is hard to tell if there are more bands from L.A. or if there are more songs about L.A. Regardless, there is a lot of music from and about the city. Songs that make you feel like you are under that Southern California sun. Or driving down the 101.

California, here we come*.

*hahaha that song isn’t on here. We’re not that obvious. 

What song gets you California dreamin’?


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