Sunset in Florence

(photo via flickr)

Few things are more beautiful than a sunset, especially when you are in a wonderful foreign city, like Florence, Italy.  Florence is the capital city of Tuscany, and is full of wonderful attractions.  Some of the most beautiful sights to see in Florence are one of the multiple bridges spanning the Arno River, especially while the sun is setting over the city. Most of these bridges have interesting histories, and have been rebuilt multiple times since they were erected in the 13th century.  The bridges were destroyed by fires, not being strong enough to support the weight of visitors, or getting destroyed by the Germans during the war.  One of the most famous bridges, Ponte Vecchio, meaning “the old bridge,” was built in 1345, and is the only bridge in Florence that survived WWII without being destroyed.  The bridge pictured above is the Santa Trinita, and today is just a reconstruction of the original structure.  However, the builders were able to find some of the original stones in the Arno River, and used them as the basis for creating an exact replica.  Another special element of Ponte Santa Trinita are the beautiful statues of the Four Seasons located at the corners of the bridge.  Fortunately, the statues were also recovered from the river after the war.  The bridges of Florence are an important part of the city, so make sure you get a chance to cross them by foot when you are visiting.  Like any tourist attraction, they can get a little crowded, but when you get to step back and enjoy the gorgeous view, the crowds won’t matter.


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