the wave


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In Nevada lies the oldest state park in Nevada that has stunning views and hiking trails that attract people from all over the country. The name comes from the red sandstone formations that formed over the years. It looks like the dunes are on fire when the sun is reflecting off of the sandstone surfaces. Located fifty miles northeast of Las Vegas, it has sand dunes that are over 150 million years old. Another reason many go to this historic site is because of a hiking trail that has stunning views – the Fire Wave trail. It’s not on brochures quite yet, but is known by any of the guides there and is a recommended hiking trail  more commonly referred to as “the wave.”  The rocks got their name because of their wave like formation, but also because of the rocks having varying colors that make them look like waves. The entire hike is only about a mile, but the views of the formations are breath taking. One of the best times to see the Wave is at sunset.  The trail is easy to follow, but hiking shoes are definitely recommended because the path is rocky and uneven. The trail ends and gives a stunning view of the canyons, and the entire valley. There are other hikes that can be taken as well, some of them only being half a mile long if you’re looking for a short getaway. The admission fee to get into the park is only ten dollars, and is a  highly recommended detour when visiting the busy city of Las Vegas.

Would you like to hike the Wave?

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