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The Bosco Verticale, or Vertical Forest, is a pair of new (almost finished) residential towers which, along with people, together host almost 1,000 trees. The taller of the two towers, Torre E, is 26 floors tall and has around 550 trees, and the smaller tower, Torre D, is 18 floors and has about 350 trees. Together the towers are set to hold about 400 condos, and they’ll start at 3,000 euros per square metre… in case you were interested. Why so pricey? Well a) Milan, obviously, and b) the trees will supposedly help control temperatures throughout the buildings in both summer and winter, so maybe lower heating and air conditioning bills, and also reduce outside city noise, so they’ll be nice and peaceful, not that just being surrounded by trees isn’t peaceful on its own.

A great deal of effort was put in to making sure that a vertical forest would be safe and successful for both its plant and human residents. Designers consulted botanists and horticulturalists before construction to make sure that the trees would be able to survive in such a setting and that the proposed steel balconies would be able to hold them without issue. The designs were also tested in wind tunnels to be certain that the trees could withstand any weather situation without, you know, falling off of the building and landing on the innocent pedestrians below. The towers are part of a rehabilitation effort for Porta Nuova, the historic district of Milan, Italy, and hopes are high that the elevated plant life will help contribute to fresh clean air and control pollution levels.

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Would you like to live in the Bosco Verticale?

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    • I’d love to live in an apartment like that, I mean anywhere not just Milan. I feel like it’s the best of both worlds, urban and natural.


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