The Twelve Apostles


Australia is known for its beautiful coasts for a reason: they’re absolutely stunning. Take, for example, this coastline which is located on the edge of Port Campbell National Park.The clear blue ocean, soft beige cliffs, and rich green vegetation all compliment each other and create an image of perfection that is hard to beat. The scene is nearly flawless, except for those craggy rocks you see jutting out at random in the scene. Those crags are actually called lime stacks and there’s eight of them in total, collectively forming what is known as The Twelve Apostles.

Millions of years ago, these stacks together as one, formed a cliff along the sea edge. However, severe rain, wind, and waves eroded away the softer bits of limestone, creating caves in the face of the cliff. As the years went by and the storms raged on, more and more of the limestone fell away until the caves turned into arches. The arches stood for sometime until eventually, enough stone wore away to leave nothing but stacks rocks standing tall and alone in the ocean. Today, they stand before us as beautiful monuments guarding the southern coast of Australia. However, they may soon disappear. The stacks continue to erode at a rate of two centimeters a year, which could mean that in a few hundred years, these beautiful formation may no longer rise from the sea. Scientists belief that the harsh weather may continue to wear away the coastal cliffs, which would create a new series of lime stacks. However, I fear we will be long gone before that happens.

If you get the chance, you should take a trip over to Australia and embrace the beauty of The Twelve Apostles before they become a thing of the past.

Have you ever seen the Twelve Apostles?


  1. This is one of my favourite places in the world. I spent many a childhood road trip with my family driving along the Great Ocean Rd. Really want to take my husband down there in the next few years as he has never been there. As you said Claire, it might not be around much longer.


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