Svaneti, Georgia

(Photo Via Tumblr)

Svaneti, a small province in the northwest region of Georgia, is an alluring land of high mountains often referred to as “the roof of Europe.” Located in the Caucasus, it is home to four out of ten of the range’s highest peaks. It sits 5,900 feet above sea level, making it the highest inhabited area in the region. While some areas are eternally blanketed in up to fifteen feet of snow, others are dense with thick forests and rich grasslands. These areas are noted for their incredible scenery and people from around the world are drawn to the province to experience its vibrancy first hand. Because it is surrounded by mountains, cold air is often unable to climb down into the region. Coupled with the moist air that blows in off the black sea, Svaneti’s soil is kept damp and warm, which allows for the vibrant flowers, grasses, and trees to spring up. Flower meadows are scattered across the region, creating a landscape that is almost surreal in its beauty.

In the parts of the province that exceed 6,000 feet above sea level, the landscape changes drastically to instead showcase picturesque glaciers and snowy peaks. The greenery gives away fades into steel grey cliffs and peaks, giving the appearance that you’re in an entire land all together. The diversity of Svaneti’s landscape draws tourists from around the world, where they can choose to either scale one of the dangerous peaks or simply take a walk through the flower scattered fields.

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