swimming pigs

Photo via Earthporm

Did you know that in the Bahamas there is an island solely populated by pigs? Yup. No people. Just adorable, happy, friendly, sun bathing, swimming, sea frolicking, beach bum pigs. The pigs have the tiny island all to themselves, but they get enough people showing up for a quick visit in boats to swim with them that you’ll likely find, upon your jumping in the water, they’ll paddle out all excited like puppies hoping you’ve come to scratch their backs and feed them treats (not that they don’t do plenty of snacking on the island’s natural supply of food).

So the question you might be asking by now is… why is there an island of pigs in the Bahamas?

Popular legend says that around 100 years ago a ship was heading for the area to claim some uninhabited islands, and there were live pigs on board meant to be meals for the crew, because it was easier to keep live animals than store and keep meat. Supposedly there was a storm that caused a shipwreck with no survivors, except, you guessed it, the pigs, who naturally float even if they didn’t know how to swim. Enough pigs apparently drifted on to the shores of one particular island where they adapted to their new home and the population grew until the island was completely inhabited to the point where there’d be really no use in any people trying to move there. The luck of the pigs who were spared from the shipwreck turned out to last for generations as now years later their offspring are still living the good life.

No wonder people call them “happy pigs”, because who wouldn’t be?

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Would you swim with the pigs at their island in the Bahamas?

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