penguin camping

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“Hey want to go camping?!”

“Yas pls!”

“Great don’t forget your sub-zero friendly scarf.”

“Wait what?”

When you think of camping, Antarctica isn’t exactly the first place to come to mind, right? Well it should be, because what could make camping more fun than a bunch of adorable penguins frolicking around? During the months of November and December, the warmest summer months on Antarctica, you could take a trip with White Desert tour group, which includes transportation from South Africa to  Whichaway camp, which is completely self sustaining by solar and wind power. This camping trip might be colder than most but it is a bit more luxurious than pitching your tent out in the woods behind your Nana’s house. This camp has 6 fiberglass sleeping pods which each contain a double sleeper and a private restroom, and don’t worry, they’re nice and warm. Meals are prepared and served to tours, which only have 12 guests at a time, by a professional chef from South Africa, in a common furnished tent space.

The main event of these 10 day tours is always, of course, visiting a colony of Emperor penguins where they nest nearby (around 6,000 birds, including at this time of year a bunch of adorable little chicks) but other activities are available too, depending on demand, and they include exploring ice caves, visiting a nearby science base or even kite-skiing.

As if this camp site wasn’t unique enough, you know by being on Antarctica and surrounded by penguins, due to an agreement to have zero environmental impact, the camp site is completely built up and then dismantled again for every single tour (where most sites remain all the time, and visitors are just obligated to leave with what they came with), so that when the group leaves it seems as though humans were never there at all.

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Do you want to go camping with penguins?


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