Isola Bella

 (Photo Via Tumblr)

There’s nothing like a Northeast winter to make you appreciate the temperate climates of the southern regions. After the brutal beating we’ve endured over the past 5 months, I think we could all do with a nice long weekend on the beautiful island of Isola Bella in Italy.

In the northern portion of Italy, just below the Alps, lies a large lake called Lago Maggiore. Roughly 40 miles long by 6 miles wide, it extends from the southern portion of Switzerland down towards Milan. About than three quarters the way down, between the Italian towns of Verbania and Stresa, there exist three small islands and two islets that collectively make up the Borromean Islands. Isola Bella is among these islands and is one of the world’s most attractive summer vacation spots. Originally nothing more than a large barren rock, it was transformed by an Italian Aristocratic family in mid 17th century. Carl the III of the House of Borromeo commissioned the building of a palazzo as well as several beautiful gardens on the island for the purpose of dedicating his wife, Isabella. However, constructed was renewed not long after and soon the barren rock became the favorite destination of nobles from all over the continent.

Today, the island still remains one of Europe’s most treasured vacation spots. In the middle of the island, a four -story baroque-style Palace stands tall amidst a sea of greenery. Terraced gardens slope downwards towards the warm waters of the lake, the vibrant flowers and thick grasses ebbing away to meet the rocky shore.  Its climate is warm and inviting year round, its vegetation always thriving and its view always stunning.

It’s a paradise that seems almost to perfect to be real, especially when you’re staring out your window at heavy grey skies and dirty snow banks.

Have you been to Isola Bella?




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