iceland east fjords

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For a more dramatic scene, make sure to check out the beautiful East Fjords located in a remote region of Iceland. Ice Age glaciers have scoured the east coast, creating steep, jagged fjords along these natural harbors. It’s a picture-perfect landscape complete with fishing villages and long, winding roads that span the region.

A drive through the East Fjords will bring you all of the Icelandic pleasures you can imagine: inland fertile farmlands, sheep in the road, a herd of reindeer, snow covered mountains, icy waterfalls, and steep drops with no guard rail that allow you to fully experience the truly gorgeous vista around you.

As you travel along these seemingly endless roads, you will find that the fjords themselves are the most grand of all (really, one of the better words to describe them because they’re absolutely massive). The beauty of them — and all of the sweeping views of the East Fjords — is not easily captured with your iPhone. If you’re lucky enough to visit this tranquil region, we recommend putting the phone down and allowing yourself to become fully immersed in the surrounding environment. And then, take pictures later, of course.

Nighttime in the East Fjords is equally as breathtaking. Image the moon shining on the water, a silver reflection against the dark, towering fjords and the sparkling lights of a small town nearby.

The scenic landscape of the undiscovered East Fjords is one-of-a-kind and holds beauty that cannot be matched by anything here in the northeast. A visit to this very secluded part of Iceland is an adventurous path guided by wintry conditions, but is far more rewarding than one can imagine. As a slogan of east Iceland once said, “the journey is the destination.”

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