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Bordano, Italy- a town so small and tucked away into the mountains in the north that it only has one hotel, and isn’t even on all maps but only more local regional maps. This little town has a special population though, other than the people, which has been bringing visitors in since the 1980’s. For some reason, not really known, Bordano is situated in just a way to have it’s own unique climate in comparison to the surrounding areas in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a climate that happens to be ideal for a vast array of butterfly species.

The town is like a fairy tale fantasy village. Many of the walls, including those of old forts used during many famous battles and wars, are covered in colorful murals all featuring butterflies in some way. Every year there is a contest in the town for artists to create a piece that represents the butterflies, some years it’s mural paintings but it also changes from year to year to include poetry, drawings, photos and other works of art.

If you’re in the north of Italy, especially for photography and nature enthusiasts, this town is worth a day trip or even a weekend visit. There are walking paths where you can observe the butterflies in nature, various greenhouses to see them up close and learn about them, as well as just seeing them all around the town, and a stay in a quiet little mountain town right out of a story book will be a nice break from the chaos of any city.

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Will you visit the butterflies of Bordano, Italy?

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