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The aurora phenomenon is one of the most extraordinary things that we can experience. It occurs only at the north and south poles: also commonly known as the “northern lights” and “southern lights.” If you’re looking to see the Aurora Borealis for yourself, look no further than Aurora Village in Yellowknife, Canada.

As Aurora Village celebrates its 10th anniversary, it also remains the most recognized Aurora viewing establishment in Canada. Yellowknife has an advantageous position under the Northern Aurora Oval based on magnetic latitude and has a flat geographical landscape that is far from the ocean which gives it a high percentage of clear skies. As a result, it boasts the highest percentage of Aurora Borealis sightings among other Aurora viewing destinations.

With an increasingly high interest in visiting Aurora Village, it has become a unique establishment that also provides full facilities and services. The village has come up with ways that guests can still have a safe and enjoyable Aurora experience despite the extremely cold conditions of Canada’s far north. Visitors can experience all angles of the Aurora Borealis from the outdoor heated seats that rotate a full 360 degrees or in the comfort of a heated teepee. There is also an Aurora viewing tour.

No matter how you choose to experience the lights, the beauty remains the same. The colors of the Aurora Borealis are commonly seen in whitish-greens, but can vary from pinks to the uncommon reds, blues, and more. The red lights are the most rare and are difficult to recognize with the naked eye. In addition to a range of vivid colors, the Aurora comes in a variety of shapes including bows, whirlpools, and ruffles. The most amazing part about the lights is that there are never two of the same color and shape.

The Aurora occurs at all times throughout the year. Although it is strong during the winter, you can still experience it during the summer months. However, since the sun only goes down for a short period of time during the summer in Yellowknife, it is difficult to fully see the Aurora. It has been determined that the best viewing seasons occur from mid-August to the end of September and again from mid-November to mid-April. In Aurora Village, it’s possible to see the lights about 240 days out of the year and guests who participate for 3 consecutive days of the viewing will have over a 95% chance of seeing the Aurora. But they must always be paying attention — there is the aurora break-up that quickly travels and makes the sky’s colors appear as though they are dancing. This only lasts for a short time of about 10 minutes. We know what destination we’ll be adding to our bucket list.

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