We recently published an infographic detailing the best dining options in Barcelona, Edinburgh, Paris, Rome, and New York City. We also recently published an infographic noting the best local foods around the United States of America (we really like infographics about food, sue us). Now, we have yet another infographic that combines the merits of these previous two by highlighting the best restaurant options in a slightly less worldly, more local location – Philadelphia, PA.

The City of Brotherly Love might primarily be known as the Cheesesteak Capital of the World, but as this Philadelphia restaurant guide from EZ Storage points out, there’s much more going on in Philly than sliced roast and Cheez Whiz.

Obviously cheesesteaks play a central role in the guide, but what we’re more interested in are the less expected restaurants and dishes that make an appearance. For instance, did you know that Philadelphia has the third largest Chinatown in the US? Or that right outside of town is “The Mushroom Capital of the World”?  We sure as hell didn’t but now we’re more willing to take the bus down from NYC to check out what Philly has to offer our bellies.

Bon Appetit Philadelphia! A Visual Guide to Eating Out in PhillyVia: EZmini.com

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