Well, I’m feeling safe.

According to the Daily News, 150 passengers coming from Mexico into the United States were able to skip customs at John F. Kennedy airport. Yep.

jfk customs

On November 20th, folks flying on American Airlines Flight 1671 from Cancun to New York, just walked out of the airport without having their passports stamped or their bags checked by Customs and Border Protection.

“None of us went through immigration or customs,” a passenger told The News, adding, “There were no signs for customs or anything. The only signs we saw were baggage claim and exit.”

All of the passengers were told to return to the airport, after agents supposedly harassed them. “They’re telling me that I am here illegally, that I’m trespassing!” another passenger said. “They said, ‘If you don’t come in Monday, we’re sending FBI agents to your house.’”

Let’s face it, by that time, who know what could of happened. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never just walk through any airport, especially after leaving an internationally flight. So you see, this was a big mistake. Luckily, it seems nothing bad happened… except a little embarrassment.

Have you everted skipped customs at JFK?



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