No matter where you’re traveling to or how long you’ll be gone, there’s one thing that will always be on your mind: Did I pack enough underwear? It might sound cliche, but that’s because it’s true. There’s nothing worse than being in another city, state or country wearing the same pair of underpants you wore yesterday. (OK, there are a few things worse than that, but it’s still pretty bad.) That’s why, when we came across this helpful little packing tip from Reed Kennedy on Medium, we just had to share.

Basically, Kennedy travels a lot and hates over packing, so what he did was graph (with the help of his friend Carrie Smith) the optimal number of underwear to bring with you when you’re traveling. Yes, he is fully aware about how erm, unusual that is, but once you take a look at the chart, we’re pretty sure you’ll be thanking this guy.


Now, there is one catch to this. The chart really only works if a) you’ll be washing your underwear while traveling, b) you’ll be wearing underwear while doing said wash, and c) you will do wash when you’re wearing your last pair of clean undies. Kennedy says to pick the number of days you’ll be out of town from the top bar and then follow it down to a place where you feel is a good compromise “between how many pairs to bring (number at side) and how many times you’ll have to do wash (number in table).” 

Kennedy and Smith also created a chart so you can see how many pairs of clean underwear you will come home with after your trip, if you follow the first chart of course. To see that chart and to read more about Kennedy’s great packing tip, head over to Medium.

What do you think of this packing tip?


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