Are you a hiking/adventure buff? Then you probably already know all about the PCT. What’s that? Oh, just the Pacific Crest Trail. The PCT has always been an attraction for hikers around the world, but a recent spike in publicity due to the novel-turned-film Wild, has made the 2,650 mile trail that runs the pacific coast a buzz topic.

pacific crest trail

Flickr photo via Steve Dunleavy

If you are an avid outdoorsman, than you certainly understand the amount of planning and preparation that is put into every single second of a trip, especially the big ones. Although hiking is about the adventure and freedom, wanderers can be in great danger if they aren’t well-equipped. The most important aspect of having a healthy hike is keeping hydrated and energized.

No one understands that better than Hank Magnuski. Magnuski is an engineer in Silicon Valley, but his real calling is the mountains. Aware of the grueling hike those on the PCT are about to encounter, Magnuski has created a pop-up cafe known as the Sonora Pass Cafe, where he serves fellow hikers a meal as they pass through. And you thought you lost all faith in humanity…

Magnuski is better known as The Owl in the Sierras, but passerby’s probably think of him more as a savior. He volunteered in the Sierras for quite some time before noticing the desperate need for better resting spots for hikers. Typically a backpaker will leave the trail in order to shower and and stock up on needs, but with Magnuski’s pop-up cafe is a safe haven for all that pass by.

If the PCT is in your future adventures, make sure to swing by Hank Magnuski’s, aka The Owl’s, Sonora Pass Cafe!

Will you visit the Pacific Crest Trail?



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