There’s nothing more American than a stack of Oreos and a cold glass of milk, right? Wrong, apparently!

According to this video from The Daily Meal, the classic cookie is a hot commodity all across the globe in pretty much every market. Different cultures have different ideas about what is tasty, however, so throughout the 100 or so countries where Oreos are sold there are myriad flavor options.

Just how diverse are Oreos around the world? In the video below you’ll get a taste for the green tea, blueberry, and two-toned vanilla versions (from China, Indonesia, and Latin America, respectively), and this article from the Wall Street Journal will expose you to the treasures of the dulce de leche and trio chocolate flavors in Argentina and Mexico.

While most of the flavors of Oreos around the world sound either delicious (or at the very least, edible) I’m fairly terrified by the “peach/grape” flavor mentioned in passing in the clip, but who am I to judge? I come from a country where people eat candy corn flavored Oreos and make no apologies for it.

If you’d like to try some of the flavors mentioned here, you’ll have to start planning a round-the-world trip — the weirdest of the flavors are only sold in their regional markets. But hey, there’s never been a better excuse to get out of town than a world Oreo tour. You could even blog about it in a kind of Eat, Pray, Love/Fast Food Nation crossover. Hmm… consider that added to my idea journal.

photo credit: penguincakes via photopin cc

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