A collective sigh was heard around the world today when the five heartthrobs of One Direction dropped their new video for “You and I” one of the slower tracks off their latest release Midnight Memories. 

Chances are that no matter what demographic you fall into, someone on one of your various social media feeds is losing it over this video. And they’re not even shirtless.

When we were watching the video (yeah, we watched it. Twice), we thought the pier looked a little familiar. Sure enough, the video was shot at Clevedon Pier in Somerset, England. The video, directed by Ben Winston, is simpler than some of the videos they have had in the past. It features the five guys, all dressed in the same clothes, singing directly into the camera as they walk along the blustery, iconic pier.

one direction you and i video

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Clevedon Pier was built in the 1860s to attract tourists, and is known as the most beautiful pier in England. It was almost demolished in the 1970s when two of the spans collapsed during stress testing, but the pier was preserved.


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This isn’t the first time that the 1D boys have included popular locations in their videos. Let’s take a look back at some of the other locations featured in their videos, shall we?

 Midnight Memories

The Midnight Memories video finds the guys in London. They start off in what seems like the most boring house party in the entire world, head to a kebab shop (so typical England behavior right there) and then they steal a police boat and sail down the Thames. Proper teen dirtbags. However, the end of the video finds them dancing atop Tower Bridge with what looks like nothing securing them to the structure. Bold. Daring. Terrifying. We dig it.

One Direction Midnight Memories music video tower bridge

One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)

Released as a charity single, the video for their cover of “One Way or Another” sees the 1D boys all over the world. New York City, London, Ghana, Japan. They dance and act goofy around the world however there are two important moments that happen in this video that feature two prominent London attractions.

This bit outside the London Eye.

One Direction One Way Or Another London Eye

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And this bit in front of the Prime Minister’s house.

one direction one way or another prime minister

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What Makes You Beautiful

Don’t even pretend like you don’t know this song. They boys’ first single shows them on a beach in Malibu, California and seeing the American sights in an orange camper van. We aren’t sure if any of them were legally old enough to drive at that point, but we do know that they were old enough to dance on the beach. And dance they do.

one direction what makes you beautiful

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What do you think of the One Direction “You and I” video?

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