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Yesterday we took you through the first day of our weekend in Edinburgh away from the stifling crowds of the London Olympics, complete with a canvassing of the city’s Royal Mile and a night out in some of the city’s best bars and clubs. After all that partying you’re probably pretty hung over (the Scottish love to drink), so before you kick off Day Two I recommend heading to one of my personal favorite drugstores in the world: Boots. They have everything — and by “everything” I mean every type of medication imaginable (paracetamol is equal to ibuprofen, FYI). There are a few Boots locations in Old Town and New Town.

Once you’ve numbed your headache tackled that spinning feeling, you’ll be ready to head out. And if you’d like to visualize this tour a little better, please refer to Travel Freak’s customized map for Day Two in Edinburgh.

Day Two of your Weekend in Edinburgh

10 am: For the cheapest, best Scottish breakfast you’ll ever have, visit Snax Café at one of their two locations. You can get the “biggest” breakfast for around 4 pounds.

11 am: Head over to Edinburgh Castle and do your own tour so you can explore the site at your own pace. The views, as well as the castle, are incredible.

weekend in edinburgh castle
Edinburgh Castle

1 pm: Walk down the Royal Mile and grab a bite to eat or a pint at Deacon Brodies Tavern. The tavern is named after William Brodie, the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde. It is a very typical and traditional Scottish pub, so soak up some local culture while you’re there.

2 pm: Take a left out of Deacon Brodies Tavern and head down the stairs and over the George IV Bridge. On the left will be the National Galleries of Scotland with over 65,000 works in the permanent collection. My personal favorite is the Scottish Art collection, for obvious reasons.

4 pm: By now your hangover should be a distant memory, so make the effort to climb Arthur’s Seat, the highest peak in a group of hills (formed by an extinct volcano) which comprise most of Holyrood Park. People love to climb this famous rocky hill in the very wee hours of the morning, but it’s always magnificent no matter when you choose. You can climb it from any direction, but make sure you wear sneakers.

weekend in edinburgh arthur's seat
Arthur’s Seat

7 pm:  Grab dinner at The Witchery. Located at the top of the Royal Mile near the entrance to the castle, The Witchery is perhaps the most famous restaurant in Edinburgh. The interior is exquisite and the food is a superb mix of Scottish and French cuisine. Based on it’s popularity, you’ll definitely have to book a reservation in advance.

9 pm: After an indulgent meal, have a night cap and reminisce about how much you’ll miss Edinburgh at the Balmoral Bar in the Balmoral Hotel — although any of the bars in the Balmoral are beautiful. The hotel itself is the most famous one in Edinburgh (Prince Charles always stayed here with his sons whenever he visited) so you’ll be able to go home and tell your friends you were there… even if you didn’t actually stay there.

Whether you’re headed back to London or jetting off to another corner of the globe, we hope this itinerary for the perfect weekend in Edinburgh has provided you with a much-needed escape — from the hellish Olympic crowds or otherwise. Let us know what you think of our guide in the comments, and if you have any other Edinburgh travel tips to share, let us know!

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Photo 1 courtesy of xlibber via Flickr
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