We need it like we need air in our lungs. Us travelers need a reason not to dread long flights. It all starts the same. You are the expert traveler who breezes through the ticket/baggage check and security line. You get past that nonsense and you make yourself comfortable in the waiting area. When you have moment to yourself, you check all the essentials: snacks, magazines, movies, blanket. It’s going to be a long one, but you are prepared.

Or you think you are prepared until you step onto that flight. You look down at your seat and think, “I better sit my a** in that chair and get real familiar with it. It will be another X hours before I get out of it again.” Hour one isn’t so bad, it actually sort of flies (pun intended). Hour two is slightly worse. By hour four all feeling in your legs are gone. That’s when you remember flying is only fun because you are traveling, not because the physical experience, other than take off and landing, is satisfying.

So imagine how much easier traveling would be if a design for a comfortable flight seat was created. Paperclip Design is working on that. Their solution to a pain for most travelers is the Butterfly Flight Seat. This convertible seating system will make long flights a lot more bearable with flight chairs that are usable in more ways than just the upright position. Remember what reclining really means with the Butterfly Flight Seat design. Here is a shout out to every airline under the sun, we support the idea for a butterfly flight seat on every flight, because luxury in flight should not be an extra. Demanding? Don’t care. Butterfly seat or bust.

The Butterfly Flight Seat


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