New York City is going to be lucky home of a pop up cat cafe this weekend, starting on Thursday April 24th through April 27th. The craze is all the rage in Japan and has even spread to London and Paris, but it has yet to really hit America yet. Why? We have no idea. But NYC is getting one and we could not be more excited.


(photo via gothamist)

Purina is going to be the ones hosting this pawp-up cafe, and the coffee and snacks will be provided by a Brooklyn coffee shop. The cats will be from North Shore Animal League and if you find yourself falling in love with one the more you pet it, you are in luck because all of the cats will be adoptable. So this cat cafe is obviously only for those with very strong will power. We mean really strong will power because the snacks and beverages will also be free. Wowza, what a place.

This cat cafe will be North America’s first, although there will be some opening up in San Francisco, Oakland and Montreal soon. The one in San Fran is going to be called KitTea Cafe. Thank God they didn’t miss that golden opportunity there. We applaud you.

The cat cafe will be located at 168 Bowery in Manhattan. Who knows if the city will ever get a permanent one, but hopefully if the pop-up turns out to be popular, we will get a permanent kitty cafe where we can sip on some java and all of our problems melt away. You know, unless you are allergic to cats. Then maybe you should just stick to Starbucks.

So New York City, will we see you at the cat cafe?



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