Anyone who has traveled from the United States to Europe knows that airfare could cost you a pretttyyy penny. But thankfully, Norwegian Air is trying to change that.

norweigan air $69

According to Reuters, the airline is hoping to sell one-way tickets to Europe for $69 starting as early as 2017. How is this going to happen? Well, Norwegian Air is going to take advantage of flying out of U.S. airports that currently have little or no international service. The airline will drop you from say, New York’s Westchester County Airport to Edinburgh!

You’re probably thinking, “well, how the heck do I get back home?” Well, Chief Executive Officer Bjørn Kjos said the roundtrips will cost you about $300 — that’s still significantly cheaper than many of Norwegian’s current fares.

But besides for just having cheap flights to Europe, you could also possible experience cheap flights within the United States. And if Europe costs $69, imagine what national fares will be!

Norwegian Air is the third largest budget airline in Europe. And while this is a smart idea and one we think the company should absolutely take advantage of, it’s not the first time we’ve seen such economic airfares.

Iceland’s Wow Air has had flights from Washington to Iceland for $99.

Just sign us up for all any flights under $100, please.

Read more at Reuters.

What do you think of Norwegian Air’s idea?


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