Are you a thrill seeker? Seeking out extreme challenges and accomplishing them is a way to experience life in a daring, thrilling way. It is natural human feeling to love the dangerous, risky, and heart-pumping activities that make us feel truly alive.

Nik Wallenda, the seventh generation of the “Flying Wallendas” family is an example of working for your dreams and living life to the fullest, even if it’s incredibly risky. Wallenda crossed between Chicago skyscrapers on Sunday evening in a two part special on Discovery Channel. Here’s the catch: he did the second part blindfolded. Yes, Wallenda walked about 600 feet above the rush of the Windy City, and he was blindfolded. The balance and focus this guy has is unreal. Except, it is real because he actually accomplished this.

nik wallenda chicago

Photo via Grind TV

There were two parts of his walk. The first was between the Leo Burnett Building and west Marina City tower at a 19 degree incline. The second walk was between the west and east Marina City towers, where he completed the walk blindfolded.

nik wallenda infographic chicago buildings

Photo via Chicago Tribune

It isn’t the first time Wallenda has accomplished crazy feats such as this. In 2012, he walked across the Grand Canyon at 1500 feet high in just under 23 minutes.

nik wallenda grand canyon

Photo via News

He has also crossed Niagara Falls in 2012. After the Chicago skyscrapers walk, he added two Guinness World Records to his list of seven, which leaves him holding nine Guinness World Records.

Tightrope walker Wallenda walks the high wire over the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls

Photo via Mark Blinch


This is a prime example of a thrill-seeking, dream-chasing, life. Just like Felix Baumgartner’s free fall jump breaking the sound barrier, Wallenda is a modern day dare devil. The risk these dare devils take have become controversial to show on live television because it is taking someone’s life or death situation to get higher TV ratings and more viewers. Thankfully, Wallenda was successful in his incredible feat. Just in case, however, Discovery Channel aired the walk with a 10 second delay. While the ethics of showing life-or-death, dangerous situations on television simply for people’s entertainment is questionable, people can be inspired by Wallenda as well. His drive to train and prepare for these feats inspires people to chase after their dreams as well, and that’s exactly what Wallenda hopes for.

What do you think of Nik Wallenda’s latest feat?

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