The relentless beauty of the planet’s greatest treasures are sometimes far too grand to adequately be described by language, but that didn’t stop these artists from trying. Below, we rounded up five of world’s greatest songs that have been inspired by the iconic locations.

new york new york frank sinatra

Take Me Home, Country Roads —  John Denver

In the midst of the majestic Appalachian Mountains, the panoramic views offered by scenic West Virginia truly are “almost Heaven.” Featuring the soothing sight of the Shenandoah River and the picturesque quality of the near-mile high rocky terrain is breathtaking (literally)

Kokomo — The Beach Boys

There is no better way “to get away from it all” than taking a trip down to the tropical privacy of the Florida Keys. The soft rustling of the colorful palm trees, jaw-dropping beauty of the alluring sunset, and calm crashing of the waves onshore make it one of the world’s greatest natural paradises

Ventura Highway — America

Running from the sunny beaches of Los Angeles up to the gargantuan redwood trees of San Francisco, U.S. Route 101 serves as one of the longest and most intriguing roads in the nation. This expressway of the great Californian coastline treats travelers with constant postcard-like imagery.

Penny Lane — The Beatles

Nothing screams “home” quite like the sentimentality of your hometown. Named for the area where John Lennon grew up, Penny Lane represents the simplicity of life that even the greatest celebrities cherish from childhood. The street’s inclusion of familiar elements such as the local bank and barbershop make it no wonder why Penny Lane is in all of our ears and eyes.

New York, New York — Frank Sinatra

What better place to end than the boundless energy of a city that never sleeps? From the modernity of the monumental skyscrapers to the sentimentality of the local corner cafes to the rustic coziness of Central Park, the Big Apple has it all. It’s no wonder why locals and visitors alike consider Manhattan to be the “king of the hill, top of the list, a number one.”

Which is your favorite song?

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