Eastern Europe is becoming a more popular travel destination for young people likely because of its affordability and exciting nightlife. However, beyond the nightlife, Eastern European cities hold a vast history as well as amazing architecture and sculptures-both old and new.

Starting with a historical monument in Prague, the sculpture of Saint Wenceslas in Wenceslas Square has been a source of national pride since it was erected in 1912 and created by Josef Vaclay Myslbek. Even through the Communist age, the sculpture of the 10th century saint remained and stood tall. This sculpture has been a spot for many historical events including when Czech Republic was proclaimed in 1918, the uprising against the Nazi occupation, protests against the Soviet invasion, and the Velvet Revolution which began in the square and led to the collapse of Communism in the country.

prague saint wenceslas statue

Photo via Panoramio

All of this history makes it clear why there would be so much national pride in the sculpture. But relatively recently, the post-modern artist David Cerny brought a little humor and controversy to Prague. Nearby Wenceslas Square is the Lucern Pasaz, a marketplace that is known for the sculpture of St. Wenceslas Riding a Dead Horse. The saint sits atop the upside-down horse, who is clearly dead with its tongue sticking out and head hanging low. The strange monument was created by David Cerny in 1999.

st wenceslas riding a dead horse sculpture prague monument monday

Photo via Seattle’s Travels

David Cerny has built many humorous, controversial, and incredibly unique sculptures which usually have some type of social or political message. This upside down horse was a political comment on how the Czech Republic’s heritages and values have changed. This is interpretation, though, since Cerny doesn’t comment on his sculptures publicly. Check out this famous sculpture by David Cerny as well as the several other unique pieces he has created.

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