The Sphinx is a beautiful and majestic wonder in Romania, and can be found in the Bucegi Natural Park. It is located in central Romania, south of the city of  Brașov. While in Romania, make sure to check out this city, for it is known for hosting the Golden Slag International Music Festival, and it is the birthplace of the national anthem of Romania. The sphinx is a natural rock formation with a height of 7,270 feet, and is only a ten minute walk from the Babele. The clearest outline of the megalith is on November 21st. The monument’s name, “Sfinxul and babele,” actually translates to, “the sphinx,” and “the old women.” The two women, don’t really resemble women, or at least any that I’ve met before, but it is said that the two lumps of rock surrounding the Sphinx are each wearing hats.  What’s great about this site is that it really isn’t that hard to get to. The hike to the Bucegi mountains, depending on where you are coming from of course, in reality is not that much of a hike. You can walk from Busteni, which is a quaint little resort town nearby, which will only be a few miles in distance.  Or, you can even enjoy the views of the top of the mountains, via cable car. If you do this, you will find yourself in the Southern Carpathians, about 6,561 feet above.

sphinx pic

[photo credit: Howard G Charing via photopin cc]

Will you hike to the Sphinx?

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