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Walking through the Royal Alcázar Palace of Seville, Spain is like walking through the hard evidence of the city’s historical evolution. Art and architectural designs can be seen throughout the palace from the Arabic period, the late Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Baroque and the XIX century. It was originally a Moorish fort before it became a palace, and is now said to be currently the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe. Aside from the lasting architecture and art pieces visitors will enjoy getting to know the different periods of Spain through important characters of the time, such as al-Mutamid, the XI century monarch and poet from Seville, and they can also wander through the extensive gardens within the palace walls.

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A visit to the palace is free for residents of Seville, but tourists from the rest of Spain and from around the world need to purchase entry tickets. A regular ticket is 9.50 euros, but there is a student discount so for those studying abroad or perhaps on spring break, the fee is only 2 euros. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage site, since 1987, and it’s heritage and history are often it’s main draw in for tourists, but there are however often other events and activities that bring people to visit, such as concerts, expeditions, book launch events, and sometimes holiday or festival activities.

The best time to visit Seville is in the spring, as the weather is ideal and the summer vacationers aren’t there yet, and also not only does the spring season have the most festivals in the city, but it is also the time when the orange blossom is out and the subtle, sweet smell fills the city.

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