John Lennon Wall

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The Lennon Wall, named after John Lennon, is an ever changing piece of art meant to symbolize peace and love. In the city of Prague, Czech Republic, the wall began after John Lennon’s death in 1980 as a tribute and way of carrying on his ideas for the world, and anyone was free to come contribute to this graffiti style monument. Later in the 80’s Prague’s youth began to use the wall to express political grievances, along side the continuous messages of love, while the city was starting to try to break away from the communist regime of the time. Every night they would come and write their messages, and every day the authorities would come and scrub them away, but there was a fire in the cause of the rebellious movement and the artists pressed on until one day the officers finally gave in and stopped clearing the wall. To the people, winning the wall represented a mark in their movement, a shift in power, and a hopeful light for their future.

lennon wall

Photo via John Lennon Club


Long after the political issues came to pass and the country’s communism ended, the wall still stands and still looks different every single day. People visiting the city from all over the world and locals alike take part. Whether you simply sign your name with a sharpie, spray on some Beatles lyrics or any love/peace inspired words, or paint your grandest masterpiece, your contribution must be in the spirit of “Lennonism” and all are welcome. If you do sign the wall and go back years, or who knows maybe even just one week later, you might notice that your piece is nowhere to be found as it has been covered up by work after work of others, but you have to understand that the wall is never cleaned. It may be covered, yes, but it’ll never be removed, so even if you can’t see it anymore you can just know that it will always be there to symbolize your share of peace and love to give to the world.

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What would you put on the Lennon Wall?

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