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Add this place to your bucket list. Cape of Good Hope, is the most south-western point of the African continent. And it’s beautiful.

In 1488, it was discovered by Portuguese explorer, Bartolomeu Dias and he named it “The Cape of Storms,” because of the dangerous ocean and unpredictable weather. Later on, it was named the Cape of Good Hope, because of its ability to have fresh water and supplies easily available,and because the tip provided a channel to India and the East. This point, is covered in colorful fynbos, surrounded by lush green hills and a gorgeous view of the blue water. The cape is only about 38 miles from Cape Town and is a huge tourist attraction for both foreigners and locals. The flora here at the Cape is spectacular, and even is classified under the Cape Floral Region, which is one of the richest areas for plants in the entire world. The Cape of Good Hope is also a part of Table Mountain National Park and is home to about 20% of Africa’s flora. Also home to this site is the most powerful lighthouse on the South African coast.

When visiting the Cape, there are a variety of options when it comes to dining. One that really stands out and is super cheap and simple: have a picnic on the beach, after touring the tip with a bike or by foot. Or, there’s Two Oceans Restaurant, which is located above False Bay. Reservations are mandatory for this popular place. After you are done eating, hop on The Flying Dutchman funicular and enjoy the views. Enjoy the wildlife here at the Cape of Good Hope and see zebra, Chacma baboons, eland, reptiles and pelagic birds.

cape of good hope africa
[photo credit: Michel van den Burg via photopin cc]

Will you visit the Cape of Good Hope?

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