Surfs up! It may be the lamest saying, but how else are you supposed to get amped about one of the chillest and most dangerous sports in the world? Surf culture is most definitely something to get behind. Between the bikini bods and the go with the flow attitude on life, surfers are pretty much the coolest people there are. If you are a surfer, than you are probably modestly shaking your head and saying, “nah man anyone can do it.” If you are a bystander to surfing (like myself), than you know it looks intimidating. If you are a traveler though, then you know a new city always means new things…

If in the future you are to cross paths with a beach in Portugal (and we hope you do), then you should certainly take advantage of the swells (I am trying with the lingo here) and rent a surfboard for the day. Lucky enough for you, Momondo, the budget flight comparison website has done all the leg work in researching the best spots for surfing in Portugal.

The Surfing Porutal Infographic  created by Momondo highlights all the best surfing in Portugal and even rates the waves by level of surfing for anyone who is interested in trying out the most difficult waters. In addition to level of surfing, the infographic reports on the type of beaches in Portugal, the crowd at the beaches, the direction of the waves, and where the waves break. More important than all that stupid stuff that is essential to surfing, Momondo already researched the surfing schools, food, airports, and hotels in the area. Basically what we are saying is there is no reason for you not to hop a plane via Momondo’s services right now with a surf board in hand.

All the planning is done! It’s time to go surfing in Portugal!

Surfing Portugal for Momondo Surfing Portugal Infographic.jpg


Do you surf?


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