A simple thought: the world needs more love letters. Hannah Brencher was a girl who moved to New York City, thinking everything would work out exactly as she had imagined. Unfortunately, sometimes life wears boxing gloves, and things didn’t go quite as merrily as she had planned. She ended up in the throws of depression and looking for the best way to cope with this. She started writing. Then she started writing love letters.

Brencher began to leave love letters all over the city. She would stuff them between a bus seat, or in the napking holder at a coffee shop, anywhere really. She just thought the world needed a little more love in it. The genuine kind. Not the “love ya” text kind. Thus The World Needs More Love Letters was born. Brencher turned her depression into a passion and gave life a few left hooks back. Now, she has developed an organization called The World Needs More Love Letters, which encourages people to write thoughtful messages to leave or send to people who need the kind words most.

As travelers, we figure we might be the best ones to spread word of Brencher’s inspiring feat. Start writing and leaving your own love letters in all the wonderful places you find yourself. Even though you may be experiencing the excitement of a new city, another person could be drowning in it. A good ol’ fashioned, hand written and uplifting message could be just the thing a person needs to get him through the day.

Another way to support the cause is to write a letter to one of the people nominated for love letters on The World Needs More Love Letters website. Better yet, nominate someone! We all know someone who doesn’t receive the gratitude they deserve. Everyone deserves a love letter to make their day a little brighter. Buy some new stationary, because we are trying to make Hannah Brencher’s The World Needs More Love Letters even more global than it already is!

Love Letters for the World Needs More Love Letters


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