[image via Celebitchy]
  • Michael Fassbender donned gag glasses in Alicante, Spain to distract people from the prominent growth in his groin region. For real, Google it.
  • Rashida Jones traveled to Zurich, Switzerland to promote her film Celeste and Jesse Forever. I haven’t seen the film, but here’s hoping that her character is more enteraining than Ann Perkins on Parks & Rec.
  • Real life Hulk Kellan Lutz muscled his way into Moscow, Russia to make an appearance for some film named Syrup. Rumor has it he didn’t comply with strict Russian visa regulations and just smashed his ‘roided-out body past immigration.
  • Joe Manganiello, a similarly Herculean specimen, assumed Brad Pitt‘s role of Mr. Smith in a he-spy/she-spy photo shoot with model Caroline Correa in Madrid.
  • Kristen Stewart dined at a restaurant called La Fidélité in Paris, a fact that is being eaten up by the press thanks to her problems with fidelity recently. Oversight or savvy media ploy?

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