I’ve seen one too many 20/20 specials where Barbara Walters scans Hilton bedclothes with a black light to think that hotel rooms are healthy retreats — especially not in places like Las Vegas, where the chance for collecting questionable stains is decidedly higher. At least one hotel, however, is working to overcome this nasty little stereotype.

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has introduced something called a “StayWell” Room, which are designed to help reverse jetlag, promote sleep, reduce allergens and toxins, improve air quality and even promote healthy skin. And most importantly: no mystery splotches on your fitted sheet!

Here are all of the “StayWell” Room’s features:

  • Most lights skew to the red side of the color spectrum to help induce a better night’s sleep
  • Blue bathroom light helps you wake up
  • Two air filtration filters that are cleaned with high-end vacuums for cleaner air and less germs
  • Vitamin C infuser in the shower
  • Antimicrobial coating on door knobs and furniture
  • Cleaning crew uses UV wands to help sanitize (Barbara’s investigative journalism is finally paying off!)

The best part? All of these healthy add-ons are only an additional $30 per night — although, it’s still the MGM Grand so don’t expect a Motel 6 base price.

Bone up on your health conscious options on the Vegas strip with this video from Wall Street Journal Live:

The StayWell Hotel Rooms Make You Healthier:

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