Backpackers and budget travelers, the time is now to rejoice, Megabus is coming to Italy!

The line which is known best for its more than reasonably low-priced tickets will start routes within Italy to major cities this summer. Now is the best time to go as tickets are literally at times one euro and not ever much higher than five. It’s expected that after a bit of time the prices will climb to meet the European average of the other countries served by Megabus which is closer to 15 euro (still awesome and way better than the train for longer journeys), so it seems this is the perfect summer to take yourself on a dream tour of Italy.

megabus italy

Megabus has announced the following routes on its website to start on June 24th.

Naples – Rome – Florence – Bologna – Milan – Turin

Turin – Milan – Bologna – Florence – Rome – Naples

Naples – Rome – Florence – Venice

Venice – Florence – Rome – Naples

Turin – Milan – Venice

Venice – Milan – Turin

Rome – Siena – Turin

Turin – Siena – Rome

Rome – Pisa – Genoa – Milan

Milan – Genoa – Pisa – Rome

Naples – Rome – Florence – Bologna – Milan

Milan – Bologna – Florence – Rome – Naples

So yes, it is true that if you’re just trying to visit one city, you may not have a direct route available making for sort of a longer trip. For example I just booked a ticket from Rome to visit a pal in Milan, and the nine hour journey will be considerably longer than any other means of getting there, but it was literally one euro and their buses have the little seen budget traveler’s luxury of free wifi plus air conditioning. I regret nothing.

As of now, there are no routes from other European Union countries using Megabus into Italy or the other way around, so if you’re planning on EuroTripping this summer, you still need to find a way to the other countries, but at least you know you’ll be saving big when you cross Italy. Trips can be found for day or over night, so you can choose a ride with a view or a long trip passed in your sleep.


Where will you travel with Megabus this summer?

American by chance, but Roman by choice, Sarah is currently feeding her adventurous soul with expatriatism and pizza. Her finest moments are always on the wrong bus with a backpack and an upside down map, waiting to see what the world’s got for her next, so long as she can blog about it. She likes writing more than talking, dolphins more than humans, old movies more than new, and Rome more than anything else.


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