Looking back, it seems like I was hatching a hair-brained scheme with my friends to take a late summer trip to Spain ages ago. But time really flies when you’re working full time and having a moderate amount of fun on the side, because that scheme will become a reality in exactly one month when I arrive in Madrid for a 12 day vacation! Due to my excitement I will be referring to this excursion as Madrid 2012 from here on out, because frankly, I’m more excited about this than London 2012 and I’m sure I will be putting my body through various feats of human ability with pitchers of sangria and plates of patatas bravas. But despite my enthusiasm, I still need your help planning my itinerary!

Help Travel Freak Plan Our Madrid 2012 Trip!

madrid 2012A few months ago I published a post asking y’all to help me come up with some ideas for interesting, off-the-beaten-path sights and events in Madrid between August 8th and 19th, and your responses (combined with my own research and the advice of friends who have been or lived there) have helped me compile a pretty good list of things I want to accomplish during my sober hours in the Spanish capital. But my appetite for knowledge is as insatiable as ever, and I want to know more.

I’m still accepting any recommendations, but I’m most interested in niche museums, hole-in-the-wall restaurantslocal bars, and, in general, any of your favorite Madrid spots that you feel are under-appreciated and underrepresented in the travel blogging world. I have faith that my world traveling freaks can point me in the right direction! Well, at lease those of you who have actually been to Madrid.

To thank you for any help you can offer, Travel Freak will be unveiling some new features over the next four weeks that will help you follow me on my journey and, hopefully, feel like you’re right there with me. So keep checking back with Travel Freak over the next month for Madrid 2012 updates, and if you have any gold nuggets to share, leave them below in the comments or share them on our Facebook or Twitter!

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Photo courtesy of Dimitry B via Flickr 

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