As a disclaimer before I dive into telling this tale of a woman named Madame de Florian and her ancient apartment, when I visited Paris, I did not fall in love with it the way I had anticipated I would. I found the expansive city to be lonely and cold. I didn’t come across the “rudeness” that Parisians are stereotyped for, but I didn’t quite get the feeling that it was the City of Love as it’s also known to be.

What I will never be able to deny about Paris, no matter how many times I have exclaimed I would never go back, is that it’s architecture is utterly stunning. From the churches to Versailles, every building I visited while in the Paris area of France left me speechless. With all this in mind, it should be no shock that a a deceased Parisian woman has left behind an incredibly cool apartment that has been untouched since the 1940’s. This woman, known as Madame de Florian (even her name screams I’m way more awesome than you), left Paris with a small treasure that is becoming slowly but surely becoming a conversation piece for the city.

In 2010, Madame de Florian passed away in the south of France, leaving her family a few things, one of them: an apartment in the Pigalle red light district that she closed the doors to during the evacuation of Paris during WWII. Madame de Florian inherited the apartment from her grandmother, and at just 23 years old, was forced to flee the apartment. Decorated from the Belle Epoque era (early 1900’s) in Paris, or Paris’ cultural renaissance, the apartment is everything you would imagine a Parisian apartment to be.

When the family inherited the apartment, they hired people to open its doors to see what was inside. What they found was not what they expected at all. Although sightly dusty, the apartment was filled to the brim with incredible interior design pieces that Home Goods could never recreate. The exact location of the apartment has not been disclosed to the public, but the pictures are enough to make you feel a sudden urge for baguettes and a quick trip to Paris (even me).

Check out the video of Madame de Florian’s apartment below!

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