As people who love to travel and do it often, we’re sure you’ve run into nearly every complication that can occur at the airport. Overpriced flights, rude attendants, paying way too much to check your bag… yep, all of these things are super annoying. But apparently, the one thing that REALLY gets people going is of course, lost luggage.

lost luggage

According to Catey Hill of Consumer Report’s MarketWatch, lost luggage is the number one reason why flyers hate airports. Hill told HuffPost Live that nearly 24 million bags are lost by airlines every year. Frankly, that number is astounding. “Sometimes they’re permanently lost, sometimes they’re just delayed. But no wonder it’s a huge complaint,” she said.

This information comes on the heels of U.S. Transportation Department’s report on complaints from travelers. According to that report, lost luggage was the second most common complaint, while flight delays was number one.

If you do run into the issue of lost bags, Hill suggests using social media to get in contact with the airline. As we’ve seen in the past, reaching out to an airline via Twitter can render a faster answer regarding what your next steps should be.

As as sage advice, we recommend always, always carrying one extra outfit, a bathing suit (permitting), socks, underwear, shoes and toiletries in your carry-on bag.  This way, if your luggage does get lost, you at least have something more than just your iPad charger.

Have you had to deal with lost luggage?


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