One thing that always amazes visitors of Florence, Italy is the Duomo. I have to admit, passing that huge and immaculate church while I was living there, never got old. The true amazement of it all though, is just how old that church is. The church opened for service in 1436, but the actual construction on the grand project didn’t start until 1446. Guess when it was completed? Never. The scaffolding is still up, and in true Italian fashion, some days there will be workers continuing the construction, and other days there will be no in sight. My favorite days were when there were no workers pounding on the marble building at 8 a.m.

The Duomo has to make you wonder though… how long did all of our other favorite structures take to make? Among all the places we have been, every city has a distinguished building. Is that building still under construction from day one? Or was the monument built on a more timely schedule. If you are a free bird, maybe these questions have never crossed your mind. You are probably just basking in the beautiful architecture. But if you are genuinely interested in the history of these famous structures, then surely this is a question you need answered.

Well, if you feel the need to know how long your most admired famous structure took when it was primping for the world to see, check out the infographic, How Long Did Famous Structures Take to Build, from Travel Pulse below. The infographic was created by Rubberbond.

How Long Did it Take To Build Famous Structures Infographic


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