News & Culture Lolwat: App Protects Icelanders from Accidental Incest

Lolwat: App Protects Icelanders from Accidental Incest

Heilagur skít! I don’t know if this was a common problem in Iceland or what, but here’s the skinny: The Icelandic population is very tiny. So tiny that all Icelandic people are related. Understandably, this causes a rather big problem if you’re looking to get your freak on. So what’s to be done?

A new app called Íslendingabók  (‘The Book of Icelanders’) has taken the registry information of Iceland’s tiny population and made it into an easy-to-use app. The idea is to figure out if your potential hook-up is family member or hopefully just a very, verrrrry distant relative. I don’t know if it allows lists for DO NOT BANG or WE PLAYED SUPER NINTENDO AS KIDS, but it should.

The most important feature is the integrated bump technology. It’s an extra bit of protection that allows users to bump their phones and see if they’re related. Hilarious, but necessary. They’re even touting it as “Bump the app before you bump in bed” to keep it catchy and memorable. The app is already available on Android phones, so if you see a hot girl/guy with an iPhone… SWERVE.

So take note Icelanders. No one wants to end up like Oldboy… and sorry if I just spoiled that movie for you.

(Björk makes a lot more sense now)

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