Let’s be real, layovers are pretty boring. Waiting to get from point A to point B is not exactly the most fun part of traveling. However, waiting for your next plane, train, or automobile is the best time to watch that YouTube video everyone is posting on Facebook, catch up on trending news, or discover new music. Where do you even start though? Layover Links is our way of helping you out with that. Here are today’s top links to get you from point A to point B.

It’s Time to Pay Attention to Sleep, the New Frontier (Via Time)


 Many of us take sleep for granted. With so much on our plates, sleep is easily the first thing to get sacrificed because we don’t view a lack of it as life threatening. Sure, we get cranky and irritable but how many people have actually died as a result of sleep deprivation? Well, a recent study revealed that a lack of shut-eyed over an extended period of time may in fact lead us to an early grave.

Coachella, the Biggest Gift to Fashion since Kate Middleton (Via LA Times)


 The Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival in California is known for it’s free spirited vibes and hippy style. Every year, dozens of brands flock to the festival to show off their best designs in the hopes of appealing to the millions of attendees. Coachella is supposed to be first and foremost about the music but this year, it seems like fashion might be giving it a run for its money.

Two of a Kind: Chic Siblings (Via Harper’s Bazaar)


In honor of National Sibling Day yesterday, Harper’s Bazaar did a short roundup of some of Hollywood’s chicest siblings.

Heroes in All Forms Step Up During Pennsylvania School Shooting (Via CNN)


 Wednesday’s stabbing at a suburban high school in Pittsburgh is a tragedy almost too awful to comprehend. While over 20 people were wounded, all are expected to survive, which is astounding considering the gravity of the situation. The toll could be much higher but thanks to the actions of students and teachers alike, the situation was quelled before it had a chance to escalate any further than it did.

How Much of the United States Have You Seen? (Via Buzzfeed)

buzzfeed quiz

 How much of the United States have you seen? Do you not know? Can you not remember? Well then take this quiz and find out.


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