It’s clear that city dwellers in New York LOVE their pets. So much so, that JFK Airport is going to build the world’s first animal terminal.

According to The Associated Press,  The ARK, as the terminal is being called (after Noah’s ark that is), will be a luxury terminal handling all those frequent flying pets.

The ARK will have suits with flat-screen TVs, climate-controlled showers, hay-lined stalls and even space for “mating privacy.” The 178,000-square-foot terminal is set to open next year, and will cost around $48 million. The best part? No animal will be discriminated against. That’s right, horses, penguins, dogs, cats, goats, pigs and sheep are all welcomed.

Although, it seems like the dogs will have it the best, as their “resort” will include a swimming pool, massage therapy, “pawdicures” and webcams so their owners can check up on them. While cats will have their own trees to climb.jfk ark There will also be a 24-hour clinic, which means you can feel comfort knowing your pet will be taken care of if he or she becomes ill. “A lot of our design making is in collaboration with veterinarians and consultants to help minimize the amount of stress placed on the animal,” said Cliff Bollmann, a leading airport architect working on The ARK for the San Francisco-based architecture firm Gensler.Well, as pet lovers and advocates for traveling with your pets, we just can’t wait to take advantage of the ARK!

What do you think of JFK’s idea for The ARK?


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