Bad news fellow travelers, JetBlue is introducing a fare scale for checked bags!

What does that mean exactly? According to Bloomberg, starting on Tuesday, the fare scale will take away the complimentary service if you buy the cheapest airline ticket. That’s right, if you have to buy a cheap ticket, you’ll have to make up the price with checked bags.

jetblue checked bags

Just a little tip, customers who check bags should do so online or at a kiosk because it will only cost $25. If you do it at the check-in counter, it will cost you $25. Your second bag will cost you $35, which is actually $15 cheeper than JetBlue’s previous second-bag fee.

This news officially makes Southwest Airlines the only major America airline to allow customers to check up to two bags for free!

Of course customers are not happy about this, but don’t worry if you’ve already book your flight. JetBlue will honor it’s previous regulations when it comes to checked bags for tickets bought before Tuesday.

JetBlue is happy about it because the new policy should bring in millions for the company. We bet Southwest is happy as well as more people will likely fly with that airline to avoid baggage fees.

But again, we’re sad…

Head over to Bloomberg News to read more!

What do you think of JetBlue’s new checked bag policy?


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